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  2. kiriaaa

    Erro no Client

    Hello, pls help me! My RF with 1lvl stuck in akeron, can you move him to lorencia pls char Name Podvodnik, login name kiriaaa
  3. GhostdoggX

    PID Recovery

    Hi there , is there a chance of recovering of PID? regards

    Fee of /post command

    Hello Admin, I'm newbie of this server, after few hours I've already known why this server is so silent! It's just because the zen cost for each /post and the wait time between 2 posts Admin, pls. reconsider this... Tks
  5. sunday

    (custom) Event Time Line

    Can someone show me about the time schedule Event or Custom Event in game like "Lorencia randon drop" time line some event for newbie thank
  6. KingLi

    Ruud Box Missing

    Thread Closed
  7. badsaint

    Ruud Box Missing

    Hello Admin and GM KingLi, Please close my thread because my problem has been solved. I found out that the gifted ruud box can be seen at my xshop Gift Inventory.
  8. KingLi

    [GUIDE] PVP From Different Class

    Will be updated Weekly as needed.. Some will be Nerf and some will be buff. just let us know about new formulated PVP.. Changelog: v1.0 ====== [ENG] *BK - Damage and Defense (No Changes) *SM - Damage Slightly Increased, Soul Barrier Damage Decreased Buffed. *ELF - Damage Increased, Greater Damage and Greater Defense Buffed. *DL - Defense Slightly Decreased, Attack Success Rate Reworked, Critical Damage Buffed. *MG - Damage and Defense (No Changes) will increase buff benefits from other class Soon. *RF - Damage and Defense (Reworked). *SUM - Damage (Reworked). Reflect Skill Buffed, "Now Watch on your Health or you will die by her reflect". *GL - Damage Decreased for all Class.. Defense increased. *RM - No Changes yet. [PTBR] * BK - Danos e Defesa (sem alterações) * SM - Dano Levemente Aumentado, Dano da Barreira da Alma Reduzido. * ELF - Dano aumentado, maior dano e maior defesa. * DL - Defesa ligeiramente diminuída, Taxa de Sucesso do Ataque Retrabalhada, Dano Crítico Afetado. * MG - Dano e Defesa (sem alterações) irá aumentar os benefícios do buff de outra classe em breve. * RF - Danos e Defesa (Retrabalhado). * SUM - Dano (Retrabalhado). Refletir Skill Buffed, "Agora Cuidado com a sua saúde ou você vai morrer por ela refletir". * GL - Dano Diminuído para todas as Classes. Defesa aumentada. * RM - sem alterações ainda. 03/08/2019 ======================================================================================================================== Changelog: v2.0 ====== [ENG] *BK - Damage and Defense (No Changes) *SM - Damage Slightly decreased, Soul Barrier Damage Decreased Buffed. *ELF - Damage and Defense (No Changes) *DL - Damage Slightly Increased *MG - Damage Increase.. Buff from other party received 50%. *RF - Damage Decreased , Energy Divisor adjusted, Defense Increased. *SUM - Damage Increased, Reflect Decreased slightly. *GL - Damage Increased. *RM - Damage and Defense Increased. =========================== [ENG] * BK - Danos e Defesa (sem alterações) * SM - Dano Levemente diminuído, Dano da Barreira da Alma Reduzido. * ELF - Danos e Defesa (sem alterações) * DL - Dano Levemente Aumentado * MG - Aumento de Dano. Buff da outra parte recebeu 50%. * RF - Dano Diminuído, Divisor de Energia ajustado, Defesa Aumentada. * SOMA - Dano aumentado, refletir diminuído ligeiramente. * GL - Dano aumentado. * RM - Dano e Defesa Aumentados. ===========================
  9. KingLi

    Phillippines Donation Method (GCASH/AMEX)

    Working Again
  10. KingLi

    Fake KingLi

    im not PureOne.. i dont have interest for talking nonsense.. and if i am a player i wouldnt reveal myself.. i have a lot of things to do.. dont make this thread big issue to you.. i will ban him if he try to ask for Accounts or scam items.. but if he just use that words maybe there is something happen awhile ago.. like in your post you were asking who is KingLi.. sometimes when i online, your just sarcastic when someone wants to know real answer, but i dont know if ima laugh on how you replied to someone and make them fool..
  11. Hayabusa

    Fake KingLi

    Not sure why he is impersonating you. But if its you, should be more professional. Or ban this guy with HardWare ID cause he is just spreading fake Game Master over the server.
  12. Hayabusa

    Blue Eye Set?

    I when in-game and got Died 1-2 second from GL that doesnt even has wing of conqeuror. Dark lord is impossible to kill and has huge damage. The damage is so huge you cant even pot to stand a chance. its all just First hit.
  13. KingLi

    Blue Eye Set?

    Blue Eyes Set is just Excellent Right now.. maybe in Season14 Episode 2 would be release of Material to upgrade Awake Soul items into 5th mastery set.. Right now Blue Eyes Excellent items Drop in God of Darkness.. DL Defense adjusted.. we already decrease it.. and regarding to whom youre tellin about a DL whos AFK might be his build Set was good.. he Stats maybe Full Agi and Vit.. and have Good Master Stats.. We already Try to adjust PVP right now like you mentioned before.. Swell already multiply the HP.. just wait for next maintenance for the server to be restarted..
  14. Hayabusa

    Blue Eye Set?

    How do i make Blue Eye Set? Dont see the item in Ruud Shop Also why is DL so OP? Lol. Max rr and i cant kill afk DL.
  15. admin

    Account Blocked after Paypal Purchase

    You were blocked because you made a purchase and after 30 minutes asked for a refund. The unlock and lock process is manual so that you were unlocked as soon as the problem was solved and I was on the computer to unlock. Please note: Reimbursement request may result in permanent blocking of your account. The activation period is from 1 hour to 12 hours.
  16. badsaint

    Ruud Box Missing

    Thanks @GM KingLi for the response.😁
  17. KingLi

    Ruud Box Missing

    Well just wait for Admin to see this Report, he's just busy right now. a one man army who make everything better.. he just have major things to do and he needs to finish as soon as possible. after that he will check those minor problems regarding missing item, bug item and etc.. just wait everything will be fix
  18. badsaint

    Ruud Box Missing

    Hello Admin, It's been a while. No sign of progress yet, but still Admin I am hoping you could fix the bug. I really need the gcoins badly. @KingLi Please help me get my gcoins back. #GigaMuMorePower
  19. rodel

    [UPDATE] Master Reset [ENG]

    sir ADMIN . how to donate sir ?
  20. boyamus

    [UPDATE] Master Reset [ENG]

    How many mr if ur premiun 2
  21. kabanata

    Account Blocked after Paypal Purchase

    dear admin, i wanted you to know that this is getting really frustrating now, the paypal dispute has been settled already 4 hours ago, and up until now, i cant use my account, there goes the durating of my premium service
  22. badsaint

    Ruud Box Missing

    Good Day Admin, I had purchased one Ruud Box 200,000 and one Ruud Box 100,000 from other account and gifted it to my other account. I had received the letter but the Ruud Boxes were missing. Please help fix it and help me recover my gcoins. I am looking forward to your quick response. More Power!!! Thank you
  23. fouano


    Hi, /offattack "add extra items" not working in acheron map. Please check. Thanks,
  24. Hayabusa


    Wow, i think its a good command. /killer Unique and nice.
  25. KingLi

    Loren Market

    in Season 14 this is how you unpack jewels..
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