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  1. badsaint

    Ruud Box Missing

    Hello Admin and GM KingLi, Please close my thread because my problem has been solved. I found out that the gifted ruud box can be seen at my xshop Gift Inventory.
  2. badsaint

    Ruud Box Missing

    Thanks @GM KingLi for the response.😁
  3. badsaint

    Ruud Box Missing

    Hello Admin, It's been a while. No sign of progress yet, but still Admin I am hoping you could fix the bug. I really need the gcoins badly. @KingLi Please help me get my gcoins back. #GigaMuMorePower
  4. badsaint

    Ruud Box Missing

    Good Day Admin, I had purchased one Ruud Box 200,000 and one Ruud Box 100,000 from other account and gifted it to my other account. I had received the letter but the Ruud Boxes were missing. Please help fix it and help me recover my gcoins. I am looking forward to your quick response. More Power!!! Thank you
  5. badsaint

    Corrupt download winrar

    Install winrar on your pc. Then extract your downloaded mu season14.rar on game folder. Run GigaMU [SEASON14].exe .