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  1. kabanata

    Account Blocked after Paypal Purchase

    dear admin, i wanted you to know that this is getting really frustrating now, the paypal dispute has been settled already 4 hours ago, and up until now, i cant use my account, there goes the durating of my premium service
  2. kabanata

    [UPDATE] 09. FEB

    Hi Admin, there is some minor error in the main site announcement date
  3. kabanata

    [UPDATE] 09.02

    i think this should be in Server News category?
  4. kabanata


    thanks KingLi, i had the golden at 20th evo kill, but didnt make enough damage so at halfway HP it went away, sadly
  5. kabanata


    My 1st time to hunt this guy, now how many times do i have to kill him before i can get a reward? currently on Evomon[18]
  6. kabanata

    launcher fechando

    add the game directory to your anti-virus exception
  7. kabanata

    launching app

    try adding the game directory to your antivirus exclusion
  8. kabanata

    Forum suggestion

    Yay thanks Admin, we can now enjoy a marketplace in the forum section and also Lorencia bar for general discussion! All the best, this is a growing MU server, and well balanced than the rest! Saludos! 😄
  9. kabanata

    Forum suggestion

    Wouldn't it be nice to have another category/section like General Discussion and Marketplace? Since most people are afk in-game, they can have a marketplace bidding
  10. kabanata

    How to reach level 700++ maps??

    I always wonder how could I reach those maps when I can't get passed 400 max
  11. kabanata

    Cannot login, account says already online

    yea already tried that earlier, but sadly it's the same, it says I need to be logged out before using the function of changing map Was looking for that disconnect feature, i hope they add that function soon.
  12. kabanata

    Cannot login, account says already online

    it's no longer a client issue, but more of a server signature side, there are no other tasks detected by my task manager
  13. Please help, I accidentally closed my client, when I try to get back I cannot login, it says character already online. IGN: Fuerza Location: Noria 500x: Server 2