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  1. kuyaken

    [UPDATE] 09.02

    when i killed Death Bone the announcement will say I killed Red Dragon. pls fix tnx
  2. kuyaken

    [UPDATE] 22.01 Changelog

    its already 30 minutes , i want to auto before i sleep 😫
  3. kuyaken

    [UPDATE] 22.01 Changelog

    web bank pls for zen
  4. kuyaken

    [INFO] General Invasions / Boss

    i mean the monster count, because i always saw only 1 Red Dragon every invasion thats why i stopped hunting him and the Golden invasion i dont think its 10 goldens each map, my max golden encounter is 3 in Atlans and Devias. and can u put Duration? im returnee in this game ☺️ tnx for response!
  5. kuyaken

    [INFO] General Invasions / Boss

    can u pls make one for server x10 too?
  6. kuyaken

    Cannot login, account says already online

    log in your account in website then try to move your char to other map. they dont have disconnect character function in website πŸ˜§πŸ˜•