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  1. Hayabusa

    Fake KingLi

    Not sure why he is impersonating you. But if its you, should be more professional. Or ban this guy with HardWare ID cause he is just spreading fake Game Master over the server.
  2. Hayabusa

    Blue Eye Set?

    I when in-game and got Died 1-2 second from GL that doesnt even has wing of conqeuror. Dark lord is impossible to kill and has huge damage. The damage is so huge you cant even pot to stand a chance. its all just First hit.
  3. Hayabusa

    Blue Eye Set?

    How do i make Blue Eye Set? Dont see the item in Ruud Shop Also why is DL so OP? Lol. Max rr and i cant kill afk DL.
  4. Hayabusa


    Wow, i think its a good command. /killer Unique and nice.
  5. Hayabusa

    Chaos Castle Ticket Missing

    Too High Level
  6. Hayabusa

    Event Inventory

  7. Hayabusa


    Yea the system is broken. I waited more than 2days still cant do 3rd MR
  8. Hayabusa

    launcher fechando

    Yes i also have Launcher problem.
  9. Hayabusa

    [UPDATE] Master Reset [PTBR]

    You are PIGBK Google Translate
  10. Hayabusa

    [UPDATE] Master Reset [PTBR]

    Even u are in Server 1. You be pked. and cry too much. Hence this is what admin done. So stop crying.
  11. Hayabusa


    Yea happen many time to me. But it work after while