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  1. XatZhZ

    Loren Market

    and /unpack future is not working as well This topic had to be on Bugs
  2. XatZhZ


    I can also suggest to create a 1 more server VIP because of full activity on 1st VIP Server.
  3. XatZhZ


    And i think that you must freeze the VIP Feature until server 2 come online because the days counting but we have 0 feautures and its bad
  4. XatZhZ


    An old good server that i played they had a VIP maps like Arena. Arena was only for VIP and it was on only on Server 2
  5. XatZhZ


    If its possible you can also add new shops only for server 2 with some items . Like the Moss Merchant with higher % for good items or a shop with jewels/bloodangel sets (gcoin payment only). Some events for VIP only and more things And as i said to the guy who manage facebook page make Discord Usefull and put some VIP roles and Castle Siege Owners !!
  6. XatZhZ

    Moss Merchant System

    How Moss Merchant System works ? Items cost zen or what ?
  7. XatZhZ

    Update Non-pvp server

    I think nonpvp server is under construction for a while. We hope to be online in this week
  8. XatZhZ

    Corrupt download winrar

    https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1ome94iCPFAeLNMrtUEyHjd1-Kf3DeXWb&export=download and run the luncher not the main.exe
  9. XatZhZ

    Wierd stuff after update

    Game went back to time of season 13 closed ! Last day deleted
  10. XatZhZ


    Make Server - 1 PVP mode for all players Sever -2 NoN PVP mode only for VIP players (normal players cannot connect) (server 2 xp boost, auto reset, and all this )
  11. XatZhZ

    Server 2

    When server 2 is going to open ?
  12. XatZhZ

    [INFO] General Invasions / Boss

    I went 2 times to Kalima 7 and boss never spawn Is that only for server 1 ? Because trying to find server 2 .
  13. XatZhZ

    Personal ID forgot

    Is any whay to recovery a Personal ID if you forget it ?
  14. XatZhZ

    [UPDATE] Master Reset [ENG]

    Master reset is after 150 resets and it happens automatic ? This is not Grand reset right ? How can i do Grand Reset ?
  15. XatZhZ

    Event Inventory

    So now i have 6x4 space and i cannot open it