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- Nixs Lake experience / level monster changed
- Nixs Lake "Mysterious Stone" added.
- Sets 380 now can drop! (Armor on Kundun)
- Added new Moss Merchant System [HOT]
- Added original God Of Darkness [HOT]
- Fixed Elemental Change 

- Fixed General Muun Pets
- Optimization on Game Client to reduce lags and issues. [Need reports and feedbacks]
- Some little fixes!

+ Invasions Rework / Boss
- Core Magrify now have Respawn by Regen Time [ 12 Hours ]  -> Nars, approximated coord : 147 x 141
- Lord Silvester now have Respawn by Regen Time  [ 12 Hours ] -> Uruk approximated coord: 126 x 108
- Nixies Lake Boss Regen time  [ 36 Hours ]
- Selupan Boss Regen time  [ 12 Hours ]
- Lord Of Ferea Event  Regen Time [ 24 Hours ]

+ Rework on Invasions!

All invasions now some invasions occours on Icarus MAP!
Note: The change happened to make it easier for people to find the monsters and increase the dispute for them.

- Death King / Death Bone
- Lunar Invasion
- Medusa BOSS
- Kundun BOSS
- Metal Balrog
- Hydras
- Gorgon
- Kundun
- Zaikan
- Alpha Crust
- Mini Monsters

Others BOSS / Monsters:
- God Of Darkness: Respawn on Swamp Of Darkness
- Ferea Boss: Ferea Map
- Silvester : Uruk Map
- Core Magriffy : Nars Map
-  Nixs Boss: Nixies Lake Map
- Selupan: Raklion
- Nightmare: Kanturu (Maya Event)
- Golden Goblin (Summon Scroll): Tarkan
- Red Dragon : Lorencia, Noria and devias

Blood Castle = Ruud -> Room Level x 100
Chaos Castle = Ruud -> Room Level x 100
Devil Square = Ruud -> Room Level x 100

Maintenance will take place on February 9th at 18:00 AM! GMT - 2


Maintenance is postponed to late afternoon today.
We are putting off maintenance after finding a small problem that makes UPDATE unfeasible, we are waiting for a hotfix.


Note* A problem has been encountered in the update, open the launcher to receive the fix.

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