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Phillippines Donation Method (GCASH/AMEX)

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"Now You may select a method to donate for our server."

Please allow us to process your donation within 24 hrs. (Follow Google Exchange rate) 
Exchange rate : Php 52.53 = $1.00

X Shop currency Gold Coins and Goblin Points

Donate 10$ = P 525.00 you will recived P 1575.00 total credits that you can use to buy in Webshop to buy Gcoins or Vip Access


How to donate thru Gcash/American Express?

1st Register Here (GCASH) if you dont have gcash yet. once you register follow this step.

-Click This icon then >My Linked Accounts > Choose American Express Virtual Pay if you dont have Mastercard/DebitCard/CreditCard.

(Note: Make Sure you have Load/funds in your account minimum P100 to link account to amex & paypal, will be refunded once link is successful).



Register an Valid Email Address and you will have an American Express Virtual Card.




then click GET NEW CODE to receive your CVV, this will be send thru SMS..


-Once You have That Virtual Pay of AMEX.. Go to Paypal App or Website and enter all the details to link AMEX

Register if you don't have yet, just Download Paypal App or go to PC Browser to Register.





-Then Enter the Card number followed by expiry date and CVV/CSC found in text messages.


AMEX will require around 54php to link account but will be refunded once successfully linked.

(Note: you can register and login at paypal thru PC Browser) 


(To LOAD/Replenish GCASH thru CLiQQ APP or CLiQQ Kiosk)

1st Download and Open CliQQ app and follow this step



Once Done go to nearest 7-11 Convenient store and show this Barcode, pay then received the receipt send the ticket # and wait for 24hrs to process




Any Question Feel Free to Comment here so i can answer it.

Thank you from GigaMU_TEAM

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