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[GUIDE] Offatack guide

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The Offline Level-UP System is very useful on the Server x10 and x100.
You can open 5 accounts or as many as server can allow you and leave only one connected, using less of your Computer.
Or even unlink all accounts, shut down your computer, and do not lose UP.

 1: Set up your Character

You should configure your Character the way you want, with Buffs, Auto Pick, Auto Potion, Auto Obtain or any you can do before doing offattack

 2: /reset auto (Optional for ViP2 only)

Type /reset auto [str] [ag] [vit] [ene] [cmd] your character will activate the automatic reset of character with specific stats you put up.
At this point, you can even deactivate your /reset auto when you want to reach lvl400 just type it again and it will disable. 

eg. /reset auto 32000 32000 2000 1000 

 3: OffAttack Command

Type '/offattack', the Reconnect screen will appear, close the game immediately.
your character will continue to attack online while you close the game screen, you can even shut down your pc and do the reset of work you have.
to stop /offattack just login again twice. to disconnect it.

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