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Official Season 14 - Game Changes

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What will change?

- New Items (Awakening Weapons and SET Blue Eyes)
- New Master Level extension, now the maximum level will be 1050.
- New Kubera Mine Map with possibility of
- New interface system to reduce lag (CTRL + F)
- New Cash Shop, with better items for the GCoin and GPoint (Free Coin) store.

New policies on the server.
Carefully read all the rules so you do not get caught off guard.

About the Rune Wizard:

The Rune Wizard originally in Season 14 can equip the following Angel items:

- Blood Angel
- Dark Angel
- Holy Angel

- Blood Angel Runic Mace
- Dark Angel Runic Mace
- Holy Angel Rune Mace
- Absolute Mace of Archangel
- Blessed Divine Arch Mace

As the character only possesses 3 sets Angel, it has been added the possibility of the character equip the Awakening set and Blue Eyes of the Soul Wizard class to make it more competitive!


- More power and Health!
- Better Drops!

- Added Excellent 380 Sets

Nix Boss:
Description: Chance to DROP Excellent EPIC Weapons
Blood Angel Weapons
Dark Angel Weapons
Holy Angel Weapons
Divine Weapons
Blessed Weapons
Miscellaneous Itens

God Of Darkness
Description: Chance to DROP Excellent EPIC Weapons

Sealed Blood Angel
Blue Eyes Set
Awakening Weapons
Mastery Box Of Ruud
Jewel Of Full
Jewel Of Luck
Jewel Of Skill
Elemental Talisma Of Luck
Elemental Talisma Of Chaos
Golden Sentence (10x)
Garuda Feather
Dark Angel Anvil
Holy Angel Anvil
Awakening aNVIL
Pentagram LvL 300
Seed Sphere





List under development





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