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[SEASON14] Mastery accessories and accessories combination system

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Hi. MU Family members.


A. Mastery accessories and accessories combination system

1. Add earring accessory

 1) New Wear Items - Earrings

          1.  A. Wear item 'Earring' is added.
          2.  B. Earring items are added to Morse NPC, and can only be obtained from "Mastery Accessory Box" Morse.
          3.  C. The entire class can be worn in common and has a 300
          4.     "Rage earrings (left)" and 700 levels of wear limit "rage earrings (right)" is mounted in a dedicated slot.
          5.  D. The earrings are updated every season, with 300 levels of "rage earrings (left)" and 700 levels
          6.      "Earrings of rage (right)" If you wear together, you can get a set season effect.
          7.  E. Earring items can be reinforced to +15 through Chaos Goblin Combination NPC's "Earring Enhancement" menu.
          8.  F. New material item "three vacancies" is required for strengthening earring items.

          10. 2) earring earring

                  1.  A. Elven Land's Morse NPC is "Mastersia Accessories Box" Morse is added.
                  2.  B. You can open 'Open box' with one spell, and earring items with a certain probability.
                  3.  C. The drop in the field (Elverland, Lost Tower, Atlantis, Tar Khan)

                  4.      You can only acquire an immortal ring / necklace through Morse.



3) Earring option

          1.  A. Attack / power / low base flags and attribute defense figures are held as defaults, and their value increases with the enhancement.
          2.  B. The left-hand corner of the rage and the right-hand corner of the rage are randomly assigned one to three of the five options.



4) Reinforced earrings

          1.  A. Noria Chaos Goblin Combination You can activate the popup window to strengthen your earrings through NPC.
          2.  B. Earring enhancement consumes three vacancies and zen for each enhancement order.
          3.  C. Earrings will not be destroyed even if they fail to reinforce, and after failing +7, they will be reset to +0 when failing.
          4.  D. When the earring is strengthened, the attack power / horsepower / low main power and property defense power are increased.

2.  Accessories combination [three vacancies]

1) vacancies

          1.  A. Noria Goblins Combination Creation of three vacancies is added to NPCs.
          2.  B. Two rings, two necklaces, earrings, and two accessories to get a certain amount of 'three vacant' items.
          3.  C. It is possible to make a maximum of 32 and 16 combinations.
          4.  D. Put 10 bundles of jewels into each type (Jewel of Life, Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Soul, Chaos of Chaos, Jewel of Harmony, Guardian Jewel)
          5.      When combined, a certain amount of 'three vacant' items will be acquired. Bulk combinations are not possible.
          6.  E. The three vacant items are used as a costume to strengthen the 'earring'.



  1. B. 3D Reborn
  2. 1. Dynamo's re-boot

 A.  The labyrinth event map of dimension has been renewed.

 B. The way and reward of the 3D labyrinth event map is changed.

 A C. dimensional labyrinth is added.


2. Contents of the re-boot of the dimension

1) Setting the dimension of the labyrinth layer

          1.  A. The labyrinth layer of dimension is expanded from existing 7th floor to 41th floor.
          2.  B. It is not a method to enter the floor from the existing one and to sequentially clear the floor
          3.      It changes to a way to clear one of the floors entering the desired floor.
          4.  C. The monsters' abilities and rewards are different for each layer.
          5.  While the D.Magic league is in progress, the available floors will change for each parking.
  1. ■ 1st floor - 1st ~ 10th floor / 2nd floor - 1st ~ 20th floor / 3rd floor - 1st ~ 30th floor / 4th floor - 1st ~ 41th floor
■ Please refer to the story of updating the detailed information of each dimension of the labyrinth.


2) How to enter the labyrinth of dimension

        1.  A. You can enter the event map by clicking on 'Dimensional Statement' in the square (227, 65).
        2.  B. Click on 'Dimensional Statement' to open the entry UI.
        3.  C. Select the desired floor in the UI and click the Enter button to enter.
        4.  D. To change the layer you want to enter, hold the mouse on the UI and use the mouse wheel or the button on the right.


 E. In order to enter the labyrinth of dimension, 'Elena's correspondence' item is required.

  •   - You can have up to 10 items, and you can not have more than 10 items.

Elena's correspondence


Acquisition method

Monsters above level 110 (above the mountains of Uruk )

Obtained a certain probability when hunting

Personal store

Individual transactions



NCP sales







3) Dimensional play of the labyrinth

          1.  A. The play is the same as the traditional play method.
          2.  B. You will be cleared when you complete all five missions required at the exit to enter the exit to find the way at the entrance to the labyrinth of the dimension.

4) Dimensional Reward Compensation

          1.  A. You can receive box items, labyrinth points in the labyrinth clear reward of the dimension.
          2.  B. Mystery points are used to rank in the labyrinth of the dimension.
          1.   - The box item reward will be paid to the Gremori case.
          2.   - The receipt period is 7 days.




Random Box Item

A labyrinth of dimensions

The box receives one of the lower , intermediate , or higher grade .

Base labyrinth point

First clear point

When we cleared a layer of the labyrinth for the first time

It is a receiving point .

Repeat Clear Point

When the clear layer is repeatedly cleared

It is a receiving point .

Additional lab point

Everyday First Clear Point

When we cleared the labyrinth of dimension for the first time everyday

The additional points you receive .

(The first day of the judging is based on the entrance time .)

Labyrinth Goblins Kill Point

When you kill the labyrinth goblin in the labyrinth of the dimension

The additional points you receive .

(If you find an exit with less than 10 of the number of moving areas

The labyrinth goblin appears at the exit .)

Clear Time Bonus Points

When you clear the dimension labyrinth for less than 20 minutes

The additional points you receive.

(Depending on the time, the amount of points received varies.

It is the same after 10 minutes.)

* First, repeat clear information is reset every Thursday.


[ Mystery of the dimension items]


Mysterious intermediate box

Labyrinth Advanced Box

[ Bind ] The blessing of light ( lower )

[Bind ] Blessings of Light ( Intermediate )

Jewel of blessing

Jewel of the Soul


[ Bind] The blessing of light (lower )

[Bind] Blessings of Light (Intermediate )

Blessing Jewelry Bundle (10)

A bundle of soul jewels (10)

Jewel of blessing

Jewel of the Soul


Hero Blood Angel's Honey

[ Bind ] The blessing of light ( lower )

[ Bind ] Blessings of Light ( Intermediate )

Bundle of Blessings (20)

Binding of Soul Jewelery (20)

Jewel of blessing

Jewel of the Soul


* In the Maze Advanced box of the dimension, you can get the soul of the hero Blood Angel with a rare chance.


5) dimensional labyrinth

A. We have added a new four-week labyrinth with a fixed date.

B. There are four levels in the league, all initially starting with the Bronze level.

 - Rating: Bronde → Silver → Gold → Legend

C. The goal is to advance to the highest level by progressing to the 4-week league.

D. A group of 5 characters with the same rating is built,

   The upgrade point will be a competition to compete within the group for one week at the labyrinth point of the acquired dimension.

E. At the end of the first week, the class is promoted, maintained, or demoted according to the ranking achieved within the group.

 - If there is insufficient number of people to be in the upper class, the class will not be upgraded.

  •  - When the same point occurs in a group, the character that achieves that point first has a high rank.



1st place

Upgraded to a higher grade

2nd place

3rd place

Maintain current rating

4th place

5th place
( if not ranked )

Downgraded to sub-grade


6) The league will end after 4 weeks.

 A. Compensation will be awarded according to the level achieved by the time of termination.

 B. The rewards will be paid in a Gremy case.

 C. You will be paid to access after the end point.

 D. The receipt period is 7 days.                

League grade



Dimensional maze of boxes 10 dogs


Dimensional maze of boxes 5 dogs


Box-dimensional maze of 2 dogs

- You can check the rank, the group before upgrade, and the ranking information in the mystery UI of the dimension.


  1. C. Improve Play
  2.  A. The character's maximum level has been changed from 1000 to 1050 .

     B. If  you achieve Lv.1000 before the next season, you can acquire a compensation box .

      - The compensation box will be paid in a Gregorian case, which is 30 days.

      - The expiration date of the compensation box found in Gremori Case is 14 days.

      - If you throw the reward box on the floor, you can earn [ Rex Millon King ].

  3. 뮨 Image


    Basic ability

    Additional Abilities


    Rex Millon

    When worn

    Increased Attack Rating +10

    30 30 days after acquisition

    20 times increase in basic ability


  4. 1) Channel free movement

 A. [Channel Free Movement] feature has been added to allow the character to move freely while connected .

 B. You can move the channel with the free channel button at the upper left corner of the game screen and the coordinates are displayed.

          1.   - The channel that the character is currently connected to is displayed.
          2.   - Click the button to expand the channel list down.
          3.   - Channels with non-PVP characteristics are displayed in green.
          4.   - Channels with PVP characteristics are displayed in red.
          5.   - Channels that can not be moved are grayed out.
          1.   - Clicking a channel will move to that channel.
          2.   - If you move a channel, you can move the channel again in 10 seconds.
  1. 2) Period extension system

 A. We have added the ability to combine two fixed-term items together.

          1.  B. Available if the sum of the remaining periods of the item does not exceed a maximum of 50 days.
          2.  C. Period can be summed only for the same items.
          3.  D. Available only in inventory, not in wear slot.
          4.  E. Rightclick Activated items are available after deactivation.
          5.  F. The list of possible items is shown in the table below.

    List of items that can be extended

    Necklace / Pet

    Ruby Necklace

    Emerald Necklace

    Sapphire Necklace


    Guardian Spirit

    Panda Pet

    Skeleton Pet


    Wings of Good and Evil

    The wings of the conqueror (fixed term )

    Cloak of the Little Monarch

    Wings of small catastrophe

    Little Fairy Wings

    Small perforated wings

    Little Satan's Wings

    Small Unmanned Cloak

    Cloak of Small Limits

    [PC room] wings of good and evil

    [PC room] Death's Cloak

    PC room] Chaos wing

    [PC room] magic wings

    [PC room] Wings of Life


    Every statue

    Goat statue

    Oak Charm

    Maple Charm

    Golden Oak Charm

    Golden Maple Charm

    Old horseshoe

    Talisman of ascension I

    Charm of Rise II

    [PC room] The talisman of rise I


    Ring of the Wizard

    Elite Skeleton Warrior Transform Ring

    Panda transformation ring

    Sapphire ring

    Ruby Ring

    Topaz ring

    Amethyst ring

    Skeleton Transformation Ring

    Robot Knight Transformation Ring

    Mini Robot Transformation Ring

    Jecheon Daesung Transformation Ring

    Brown Panda Transformation Ring

    [PC room] Skeleton transformation ring

    [PC room] Robot Knight Transformation Ring

    [PC room] Mini Robot Transformation Ring

    [PC room] Jecheon Daesung Transformation Ring


    3) Skill stamp window shortcut function improvement

    A. Using Skill Stamp window, you can use general skill shortcut key [1 ~ 5], special skill shortcut key [6 ~ 0]

        Up to 5 skills can be specified according to the skill type to improve the general skills, special skills without distinction

        1 ~ 0 (total of 10 shortcut keys).
    B. Skill It is possible to switch the slot to [1 ~ 5], [6 ~ 0] by using [<,>] button.

    Before change


    after change


    General skill


    General skill

    1 ~ 0

    Special skill

    6 ~ 0

    Special skill


    5. Added new option of master skill tree

    1) Attribute Defense - All classes

     - Using the Master Skill Tree to enhance the [Attribute Defense] option increases the character attribute defense based on the enhancement value .


    2) Max Life Boost - Rage Fighter

     - Using the Master Skill Tree to increase the [Max HP] option increases the HP of the character according to the enhancement value .


    6. Improved move command window function

    1) Difficulty sorting, sorting function has been added .

     - Difficulty sorting

       A. You can use the drop menu button on the top right of the move command window to sort by the difficulty level of the hunting ground.

       B. When sorting the difficulty, the map list is sorted based on the normal monster data in the Hunting Field,

          The lower the hunting area, the higher the difficulty.

     - Alphabetical sorting

      A. Sort the map list in alphabetical order of town and hunting name.


    2) Monster information display function has been added .

     - Mouse over to the hunting list in the move command window.

       The main monster information of the chosen hunting ground is displayed.


    3) The map movement level limit has been changed .

     - The movement level of the hunting ground using the move command window has been partially changed.

    [Movement Command Window - Level Before Entry / After Change]

    hunting ground

    Before change

    after change







    Debias 2



    Debias 3



    Debias 4






    Tar Khan 2






    Kalutan 1






    Kantur ruins



    Tranquility Swamp



    Kalutan 2



    AIDA 2



    Kanter Ruins 3



    La Cliche




    7. Improved Guide Quest UI

    1) Quest information window open / close function has been added .


     A. When you click a quest in my quest window, the quest window will open.

     B. Click on the X in the quest info window to close the quest info window.

     C. When the quest is automatically accepted or completed, [Quest info window] will open.


    8. Other improvements

    1) Character Attack Success Rate and Attribute Defense Success Rate Maximum Limit

     A. The maximum value of the character's attack success rate and the maximum value of the attribute defense success rate are set.

     B. Even if the character has more Attack success rate than the maximum value, and Attribute defense success rate

        The maximum value is applied and the excess value is not applied.

    2) Some hunting monster relocation

     A. The location of the monster appearing in Deventer, Uruk Mountain Hunting Ground will change.


    Thank you.

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