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Server Hard and Mid Roolback

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Season 14 arrived with some new systems that showed some inconsistencies with the current status of Season 13.

Several players lost jewelry in addition to other small details.
Putting together all the problems that appeared in the first 7 hours of Season 14, we will be doing a roolback in the database so that everyone can have their jewelry again and the original game, as GigaMU is.

The roolback will be exactly the moment the Season 13 server was shut down yesterday.

Let's take advantage of the server restart to apply some other fixes already reported by players.

We apologize and appreciate everyone's understanding.



A Season 14 chegou com alguns novos sistemas que apresentaram algumas inconsistências com o atual estado da Season 13.

Vários jogadores perderam jóias além de outros pequenos detalhes.
Juntando todos os problemas que apareceram nas primeiras 7 horas de Season 14, estaremos realizando um roolback no banco de dados para que todos possam ter novamente suas jóias e o jogo original, como o GigaMU é.

O roolback será exatamente do momento em que o servidor Season 13 foi desligado ontem.

Vamos aproveitar o reinicio do servidor para aplicar algumas outras correções já reportadas por jogadores.

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- Jewels roolback
- Giga Jewels not work FIXED
- Refining just use shield / weapon. tested and ok.
- Added freebies for new members.
- Added rewards for users.


- Jewels roolback
- UP Level increased
- Added freebies for new members.
- Added rewards for users.


Added 5 days of VIP 2 to all members.
Added +2 Extra days to VIP 2 members.



Remove Harmony option on set
Check 4/5 rank Errtel


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