[Update] 05. Dec 09.AM

Reduce in reset cost price for begginers
Boss NIX.
Excellent damage not show
Critical damage not show
Selupan respawn time fixed
Scheduler Web guide on forum. (List of maps)
Blood Castle - Pk disabled
Devil Square - Pk disabled
Labyrinth Of Dimension Added (Saturday all day).

Party extra EXP (Bônus)
Now PT not reduce exp.
If the party has at least 3 members from different classes, a bonus of + 5% will be applied.

Fenrir XShop Fixed.
Added Vault Expansion to XSHOP (GP)
Added Inventory Expansion to XSHOP (GP)
Added 3rd quest item on XSHOP

Due to lack of time the maintenance will be rescheduled to the 05 as it will be necessary to restart the server.

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